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Servos and Pivots

Single-Servo Mount

Figure 1

1. Determine where on the chassis you want to place the servo. Using 1/2" SHCSs and kep nuts, attach the single-servo motor bracket to the chassis – note that the side with one long piece standing up is where the back of the servo faces (Figure 1).

Figure 2

2. Slide the servo into the bracket. The flanged sides on the front of the servo should go on the outside of the two prongs of the bracket (Figure 2). Using 3/8" BHCSs and kep nuts, attach the servo to the mount.

Figure 3

3. At this point, it is possible to attach other pieces – such as channels, angles, and flat bars – directly to the servo horn (Figure 3). However, using a pivot bracket will make a stronger pivot (see next section).

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